Wavy Purple’s Passions

Lets talk about what Im passionate about, lets get down to business in what I enjoy about surfing and the whole that is wavy purple.

Surfing: I have not surfed yet, but in 3 years I will, its my personal goal, hopefully in Costa Rica, wish I desire to know cause its a beautiful country. Surfing the waves brings peace to the heart, to be one with the waves and cross the channel the waves create is something exquisite, I used to know a surfer way back in college, his name is David, and he still does extreme sports. I admire him a lot. He is a very talented human being


The Sea: I love the feeling I get when Im anywhere near the sea, Here in Panama you have Cinta Costera and Casco Viejo, so by far those are two of my favorite places I love to go, And yet to say I feel an enormous peace and calmness I cant finish, once I start talking about the sea you have to stop me cause I go on and on and on , my friend Arelly who also has a personal brand called Queendom Lifestyle knows this too well.

Hostels: I love comfortness and wild moments, and in these places you find them, I love adventure and a carefree environment.

These are the 3 passions that move Wavy Purple, Personal Brand of Mss Batista Rubiera

Cheers and a good Wednesday be ahead of you.

Why do I love Selina Hostels

People often ask me, you can afford a place like Playa Blanca, and you can go anytime to Marriot Hotel , or to even Las Vegas, and you prefer Selina, I dont get you Meli, you are a piece of art.

I love Selina Hostels because I love the environment I breath , the sea and me have a connection not everybody understands, but the few that do, connect with me in a hearbeat.

Its the place, the people, the food, the pictures, their instagram account I am immediately gonna check after I post this, I love them with all my heart.

Selina Hostels

Good morning guys, Today I will be doing my research on Selina Hostels, this is a very recognized place of Panama, It has different locations and venues and I love them all, I still havent got the opportunity to go, But in a future I will, I promess.

I have a deep passion for Selina cause its everything I dream of when going to a hostel,

My desire is to go with my beloved one, the one person I can call my boyfriend, Yes fellas Wavy Purple is single hahahhahaha. She is doing all this on her own.


Playa Venao

Good afternoon guys today I will be researching about Playa Venao as it follows after Santa Catalina, if you know any good places please leave comments, Im going to enjoy this research so much. I love this playa very much !


Mss Batista Rubiera


And so far…

This is only the beginning, it is about to get more interesting and better pictures will come…! My spidey sense is telling me someone is gonna get me a camera for my bday jajajaja just a feeling that I get!! So stay tuned fellas!

Mss Batista Rubiera